Our Story

We started Fresh Procure 

  • As a solution for people who are looking for ways to reduce chemical content in the food we eat. 

  • As a solution to farmer who is producing organic and regular produce of avoiding expenses which incur during selling them. They do the entire hard work but don't get the reap of it.

We have our own farms and have collaborated with farmers training them on Organic and Natural practices of cultivation without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

We make sure that the farmers and end consumers both are benefited. 

Apart from Vegetables and Fruits, we tied up with Spice Farms from various parts of India getting you fresh spices.

We have successfully established this way of growing, procuring and selling produce in Tamil Nadu. 


Fresh Procure offers you

  • Vegetables & Fruits

    • Regular & Organic​

      • Direct from Farm (This gives you the feel of plucking vegetables and cooking it directly)​

      • Direct from Farm with Class 1, 2, and Extra Class Grading

        • Graded​

        • Cleaned using Natural Items 

        • Packed

  • Grocery

  • Spices from various parts of India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Karnataka, J&K.

Farmers Illustration